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Policies and FAQs

What is your delivery policy?

We offer two types of tracked delivery services when buying balls; 48 Hour and Next Day. Collections of orders take place Monday -  Friday at 2pm. Any order placed after 1pm won’t be collected until the next collection time.


48 Hour Tracked

  • Usually delivered to your door within 2 working days from collection.


24 Hour Tracked

  • Usually delivered to your door within 1 working day from collection.

What is your system?

We operate a very rigorous and successful system at ReUse Golf Balls when cleaning, sorting and grading our golf balls. Our strict grading requirements ensures you, the customer, receive the highest quality of product. You can see these below.
This has left us with rave customer reviews and people coming back for more!

What do you offer?

ReUse Golf Balls offer golf balls in almost any make or model. Pick from Mint, Grade A, Grade B or Grade B/C in quantities of 12, 24, 48 or more!

How can I pay?

Through our website we accept almost all bank cards and take PayPal too!
If you would like to pay by cash on collection, please make an order by texting/calling us on 07824 161026. Thank you!

What is your refund policy?

Any customer will be refunded the full value of any ball which is proved to be clearly below the condition advertised.

Please refer to our grading system below to see how we grade the condition of our balls.

Policies: FAQ

Our Golf Ball Grading System


Also known as one-hit-wonders, these balls have both the appearance and feel of a ball that has been hit a couple of times! They are our best quality balls and are very hard to tell from new. Some balls may display a logo and/or a small player's ink mark. No Refinished, X-Out or Practice balls included.


These balls are better suited for practicing with or bounce games. May have larger scuffs, heavier discolouration or excessive pen marks. All the balls are still perfectly playable and ideal for a high handicapper or beginner. Refinished, X-Out or Practice balls go in this category no matter their condition.


These are golf balls in very good condition that just missed out on MINT grade. They may contain minor marks, small scratches/scuffs or some minor discolouration but on the whole will be in competition-usable condition. No Refinished, X-Out or Practice balls included.


Very cosmetically challenged. Will have major surface blemishes, major discolouration but will not contain cracks or cuts. Perfect for practice or hitting when you do not need them back!

Policies: FAQ

Supplier Process & Policies

How does is it work if I want to supply you with golf balls?

Great question! All details on the system we operate can be found in the document below. We'd absolutely love for you to contact us - look forward to hearing from you soon!

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